NSHI – Pharmacist Services

At NSHI we recognise the unique position that pharmacists play in the delivery of optimal outcomes for patients with long term conditions. Their extensive pharmaceutical knowledge means that their expertise can be applied to complex clinical situations.

Our guiding principles;

  • To develop bespoke and unique medicine solutions to improve outcomes for the NHS
  • To use medicines to reduce health inequalities
  • To deliver front-line clinical services seamlessly
  • To ensure that the right person, gets the right medicine at the right time

Our pharmacists are developed in-house alongside specialists to go beyond the traditional pharmacy audit functions. They have the ability to see a patient holistically and to recognise the wider determinates of both health and welfare.

Our unique Pharmacist Mentorship Programme (PMP) gives the assurance that whichever background you originate from your existing skills are enhanced and used to make a difference to patients.

The portfolio of services that NSHI delivers gives our pharmacists the opportunity to expand their clinical horizons with access to our latest technologies.

NHS Long term Plan

A key element of the NHS Long Term Plan is to move from a reactive model by proactively identifying patients “at risk” of developing life-changing medical conditions. Our pharmacists are used to systematically reduce these patient risks either directly or by upskilling resident general practice pharmacists.

GP Five Year Forward View and New GP Contract

Primary care is about to undergo the largest changes in a decade. By moving to a more blended healthcare professional model, a number of professionals including pharmacists will be used to deliver patient facing services.

NSHI understands the strengths of clinical pharmacists and what they can deliver through future models of care that reduce workload for traditional practitioners.

If you believe that you can become a clinical pharmacist with the desire to make a difference to patients and you value a mentorship, nurturing and rewarding role then NSHI are looking for you.