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Joint working initiatives are part of the NHS / Pharma partnership and NSHI are already providing a range of tailor-made services in more than 70% of localities across the UK


NSHI has an extensive wealth of medical and “software for health” knowledge, designing innovative services in-line with NHS strategies to help clinicians and managers with the challenges of commissioning and the QIPP agenda.


Our CSO services at NSHI have developed over time and we pride ourselves on the experience and approach of our management team and our ability to work in close partnership with our clients


As a company, our main focus is to deliver improved patient outcomes. With our specialist nurse advisors’ intimate understanding of national treatment guidelines, we can work together with patients and practices to assist healthcare professionals to deliver the most up to date care for their patients


National Services for Health Improvement is an independent service provider focusing on the effective creation and implementation of key healthcare strategies in order to deliver measurable outcomes on behalf of UK and Global clients